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About The Store
Puttin' On The Glitz, Portsmouth, NH Women's Jewelry, Hats and Accessories
Just as great museums are characterized by the beauty and significance of the art that grace their hallways and adorn their walls, there are great shops that attempt to do the same. The Glitz—with its carefully chosen European style jewelry, its nostalgic and chic modern hats, its contemporary and vintage handbags, its stunning collection of delicate and colorful scarves, and its fanciful array of gifts petite—is as beautiful, as intriguing, as moving, and as inspirational as are the best of museums.

This is a lovely and fashionably artistic shop—the first I come to when looking for me…or when looking for someone I care about. The Glitz experience begins when I gaze through the large windows and see the elegant goods carefully and creatively placed throughout the shop. Coming to The Glitz is a full and rich experience, one that surrounds my senses and makes me believe that beautiful things and beautiful environments still exist.
–Ms. KGW
About Lizabeth
Lizabeth Tompkins two potrait august 2021 charlwes b street pics_edited.jpg

It thrills me to send

into the universe

ripples of happiness &

glimmers of inspiration,

one sparkle of a jewel and one tilt of a hat,

at a time."

 ~ Lizabeth Tompkins

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